Glulam Timber Wall Prefab Sets (house kits)

2022-06-16 10:03:23 By : Mr. Jason Bu

Minimum shipment volume in single 40ft FCL/full container load per 42 CUB.MTR of order or more when in case of retail/bulk trade

Commercial Formula of a complete product unit value determination (of a complete prefab house kit –with strengthened structures of roof & floor & with joinery woodworks//of a zero prefab house kit –without strengthened structures & without joinery woodworks) = net price for a section size of the glulam (glue-laminated) profiled timber of wall prefab house set of height 140-160-180-240mm by width 80-120-160-200-240mm + adding price for strengthened set of roof & floor structures, also cost of joinery woodworks)

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