Head to the plastic container

2022-06-30 07:19:53 By : Mr. Ben Wang

How are you, dear readers?Like every Thursday, I hope the best possible, despite the fact that we have to go to a bank to ask for a loan to be able to go to the supermarket, and despite the fact that we have to go to the supermarket on foot because there is no god who can pay for gasoline, yes We except the tribe of Cayetanos and their faithful servants, and despite the fact that when we get home we have to keep the frozen ones in the refrigerator unplugged because we can't stand the robbery of the electricity tariff any longer.Laugh at the mafias of any kind, those of the electric ones take the cake beating Don Corleone and Pablo Escobar together;Attention, he asks, can someone be more disgusting who makes a fortune knowing that his (dirty) money comes from the suffering and hardship of millions of people?Rhetorical question obviously.For my part, I would like to tell you that my face is the color of lettuce green from Chernobyl, or chard from Fukushima, my brain is slower than a cement glue mash, and the rest of my body is more sore than that of a runner without its glucose syrups.And it is that for a few days I have maintained a balanced, nutritious and healthy diet of muscle relaxants, for that back that gives to go to its ball and hurt when it comes out of the sacrum and the iliac, and paracetamol to alleviate the effects of a covid, which after more than two years ignoring me has decided to come visit me in Sant Joan, and that I did not go to Ciutadella.If it were true that "the body is the temple of the soul", right now my soul feels as if it were living in a cave, and not precisely in Plato's, although if I think about it, the fact that an atheist start talking about souls must be the result of the virus.In addition, you already know that if I had a soul, mine would be red and white, a lover of hops and very heavy with my family and friends, which are the only parameters in which I feel comfortable;well, in those three and in my unconditional love for Menorca, despite the fact that lately it is receiving the sticks of a termite tourism that has gotten out of hand.I don't know if our beautiful rock will die of success or not, everything indicates that it will, but until that moment comes, everything good is more fun on our island, and everything bad becomes more bearable, if that's not blind love for the place where I chose to live, you will tell me.I pick up the thread, that if it is normally harder for me to focus than it is for the big media to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, imagine now.Well, that, I'm here to throw myself into the plastic container, for all the chemistry I carry, and get out of it when some neural connection is recovered.In spite of everything, I wanted to be with you for one more week for several reasons: 1º I can't infect you through the lyrics.2º Writing is always therapeutic.3º Let's see if they remove the shameful gag law once and for all, another political promise to the sack of their lack of morals.4th The deaths of the Melilla fence should weigh on the conscience of all politicians... oh, sorry, they don't have them.5º I think that homophobes are terrorists against freedom, that everyone lives as they want, is it so hard for them to understand?yes, they are very fair of neurons.6th The abortion thing in the USA brings us a little closer to the 19th century.7º Has anyone studied the benefits of hops in the fight against viruses?If not, they are already late.8º I cannot let a week go by without wishing you a happy Thursday.